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What others say about the Smiles & Faces magazine created for them by Lush Design…

My patients absolutely love the magazine – it’s such a great representation of my practice. This is impact marketing at its best!

Dr Richard Cure - Leamington Spa Orthodontics

Falchion Orthodontics is happy to have our own customised Smiles & Faces magazine. It sets us apart from other practices and is a vital tool in our armamentarium.

Dr Ian Lund - Falchion Orthodontics, Darlington

I recommend the Smiles & Faces magazine without reservation, because it has helped improve patient education, treatment uptake and the profile of the practice.

Dr Liz Hopkins - Devon Square Orthodontics

Within weeks of distributing my magazines, I had a 30% increase in my private patient load. You can’t beat that!

Dr Damian Bourke - The Orthodontic Centre, Doncaster

When you run a very busy practice, marketing is likely to suffer. Distributing the magazine to all my patients, local dentists and other sources has meant we have a consistent year round strategy that works.

Dr Dirk Schuth - Trinity House Orthodontics

My Smiles & Faces magazine has helped simplify marketing my practice. We have experienced a significant change in our referral patterns with more new private patients.

Dr Patrick Williams - Dulwich Orthodontic Centre

Smile 101 is a single-handed, young, private practice, which has had exponential growth since we started distributing our 5,000 copies of Smiles & Faces magazine. It’s the best move I ever made!

Dr Sheila Chauhan - Smile 101 Specialist Orthodontic Centre, Windsor

My personalised Smiles & Faces magazine successfully supports the image of my practices. Dentists and patients are more aware of what we offer and we have been able to convert enquiries into treatments.

Dr Darren Hills - The Smile Suite and Bristol Orthodontics

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