It is often said that perception is reality. What perception does your branding give of your organisation? Do you even have branding?

A brand can be used to convey a certain image for your company - this image will normally aim to make the product synonymous with a positive image and a sense of goodwill.

The centrepiece of a company’s brand image is the logo, the effectiveness of which can help to sell a company’s product or service offering. In making an effective logo, there are certain key features that must be present in the final design:

Your logo must first catch the eye of the viewer. It must then hold their attention by being aesthetically pleasing and must also copy well to other locations, where both size and colour may vary (locations such as buildings, letterheads, signs, products and promotional items). Perhaps the most important thing in a logo is that it must be timeless, this will prevent any need to spend money, time, and effort on remaking your logo, as well as having to take time to re-establish your branding effort.

Lush can help to design or re-design your logo, or work with you to establish a coherent brand for your organisation. All this will ultimately give you a strong advantage over your competitors.

Whether you’re looking for a flyer, leaflet, brochure, website, one-off marketing campaign, the full creation of a brand or even a re-design, then lush can tailor a package to suit your budget. For successful design, marketing and production, call lush today!

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