Dental Practice February 2015


Read all about it! Our Smiles & Faces magazine range is in the news. Dental Practice magazine February 2015 issue give Smiles & Faces a top-of-page mention, as one of their 'Focal Points'.

To be re(a)d and in the black

SMILES and Faces customisable glossy magazines are designed to help achieve a number of marketing objectives including providing a single and cohesive document to put forward all the products and services offered by the practice; increase interest in these products and services and significantly increase sales. They can also provide the practice with an economic way to develop new contacts and increase the visibility of the organisation - not only using the print medium, but, as a result of a new development, through the internet to be read on smart phones, e-readers, and computers.

Thee-magazine looks exactly the same as the printed version and requires no additional software to open, making it easy to navigate. Visit