Marketing Consultancy

Effective Marketing does not have to be expensive to meet your business needs

Lush Marketing offers innovative cost-effective consultancy services with great flexibility, ultimately saving your time and money. Starting from your primary concerns, we review and analyse your past marketing efforts before helping you develop a strategic marketing plan.

We can also work with you on a project by project basis - because our marketing services are scalable; as your business grows we can tailor specific support to your requirements. We work with almost any budget and have created ‘LIGHT BULB business club meetings’ where you can get some useful tips from like minded individuals.

Paper planes will not get you to any destination

Paper planes will not get you to any destination

Less than 25% of business projects succeed. Failure is usually related to poor planning and ineffective execution

I rely on word of mouth...
I don't' believe in advertising

We have a website and facebook page
but they do not generate many referrals

My staff organise my advertising...
I do not get involved

Consultants are expensive and do not
always give you what you want

Why do I need to spend so much money
on these unnecessary things?

I can do it myself
and save the money

My business growth has reached a plateau
and I can’t see it get any better

I tried someone before
and they wasted my time

My competition is very stiff...
I don’t think I can afford what they can

We work for a corporate body
and they are reticent to pay for any marketing

I am too small to consider
what you are proposing

My firm is successful...
so I must be doing it right