Magazine Design

Customer-orientated magazines (like Smiles & Faces) are used in parallel industries and are proven to help organisations achieve the following marketing objectives:

  • Act as a single document representing all products and services
  • Increase interest in products and services
  • Significantly increase sales
  • Develop new contacts economically
  • Increase the visibility of any organisation by supporting its internet and other media presence

10 reasons you should have your own personalized, branded practice magazine

  1. This magazine has been proven to guarantee an increase in practice revenue, through increased patient recruitment.
  2. You can kiss goodbye to the days when your practice was cluttered with multiple leaflets, gathered from unrelated suppliers or organizations.
  3. The magazines will help you advertize your own services and market yourself directly to your patient base and dentists.
  4. You can educate your patients through its high quality, informative, understandable, journalistic content.
  5. The self-referral sheet can be used for data capture, enabling potential patients to submit their personal information directly to you.
  6. Make savings on printing costs, as this will replace messy new patient referral packs, newsletters, leaflets etc.
  7. It is a great penetrative public relations tool, which is more readily accepted by dentists and other referral sources, a well-produced magazine is viewed positively (local dentists and others do not like giving out your leaflets but will hand out a high quality magazine).
  8. Your magazine will become recognized as a trusted opinion source within the dental market, further cementing your reputation as an opinion leader. Patients will affiliate you as a reputable provider of specialist orthodontic treatment
  9. It serves as a reference guide which your readers can utilize and keep over a long period of time. Research proves that magazines are kept for years, whereas leaflets are discarded within days or weeks. By using it as a staff training manual, you can harmonize the information and advice given to your patients.
  10. Today’s patient does extensive pre-consultation research prior to visiting your practice. It is smarter to participate in the research process by sending them copies of your magazine before a consultation.